{'ver1':'7', 'ver2':'99', 'ver3':'\n\n\n\n -Important note, if you have been banned before:\n1- Uninstall/remove WhatsApp first \n2- Install V7.99 and Verify number again.\n\n\n\nملاحظة مهمة، اذا تم حظر حسابك من قبل يجب أن:1\n- تأخذ نسخة احتياطيه، تحذف نسخة واتساب السابقة من جهازك2\n- اعادة تثبيت النسخة 7.99 وتعريف الرقم\n\n\n\n[Added] More Anti-BAN\n -Important note, if you were banned before:\n1- Uninstall/remove YoWhatsApp first \n2- Install V7.99 and Verify number again.\n[Fixed] Not enough space message\n[Fixed] Recording Crash\n[Fixed] com.yowa cannot add custom stickers\n[Fixed] Deleted message icon not showing\n[Fixed] White theme Icons in Voice/Video Call\n[Fixed] Google Play Service error message on registration\n', 'dli':'http://fouadmods.com/fouad-whatsapp'}